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Noreen Walshe Living Ireland!

Noreen Walshe Living Ireland!

Inspired, created and produced in Ireland

A new venture into Textiles and Homeware has just come to fruition and it is with great delight I launch the Collection of Living Ireland.

To date, my professional career has been that of a painter, producing art pieces in Watercolour, Oils and Acrylic on Canvas. Original images have been translated into Fine Art Giclée Prints and Greeting Cards reaching a large audience both here at home and on an international scale.

I constantly look to where the Muse will take me next and just before Lockdown this year, an idea came to me, an idea that had been in my visual periphery for a while. That idea was to go a step further into a different medium; textiles. February seemed to be the right time to follow this impulse into materialisation.

Everything that exists begins as an idea, a thought, a persistent nudge that doesn’t go away and so Living Ireland came into being. Of course any idea worth following must go through an evolving process and over the past five months a lot of thought processing, grafting, crafting and a concerted pooling of the expertise of many people went into what we now present as the Living Ireland Collection.

As with any creative process, the process is ongoing and the work is in constant progress. At this point we have our Flagship Series HARE AND TOADSTOOLS which showcases all the products in each of the other series:

Some products are on display from the series above but every product is available to order.

So whether you wish to decorate your home with a Living Ireland Creation or choose a gift for a special occasion, there is a variety of products for everyone.
A one to one consultation is also available with the artist, giving you a unique personal experience with this Made to Order range.

How to view the Homeware: Website or a visit to my studio at
Garlow Cross
Co Meath

Turnaround, at this time of uncertain delivery deadlines, is a month from date of order but naturally we cannot guarantee exact times.

Every item will be boxed and packaged to your requirements.
Shipping extra by courier or 1st Class post. Facebook Noreen Walshe Artist
insta: noreenwalshe

Payment options
Cards, Revolut and Bank Transfers.
IBAN: IE29IPBS99061500385531 BIC: IPBSIE2D