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Living Ireland Homeware



Born in Limerick and  living in the Boyne Valley, part of the Ancient East , Irish Artist Noreen Walshe also has an strong affinity with the West of Ireland and the Atlantic Way.
Living Ireland in its Flora and Fauna is part of her birthright and she paints the essence of things with a passion born of a sense of belonging and knowing her roots.
However her Muse doesn’t contain her within national boundaries and her gift of artistry takes her to other horizons where she documents people, places and things. With her strong sense of line, colour and narrative, the observed can morph into compositions of fantasy and imagination.

A step further into the abstract and arts such as music and literature find identity in the visual through her Art of Synesthesia, crossing from one sense to her most immediate practice of painting.


Welcome to my world of visual possibility where the bigger picture and the smaller are of equal importance. Sometimes the greater message is in the small detail. Other times the freedom is found in the embrace of the large in all its complexities.

People, places and things are all equally seductive in their beauty and sometimes their rawness. The use of media as in Oils, Acrylics or Watercolour are all servants of what the connection is between the artist and the observed.

I share with you my work as the observer and the crafts person in service to a visual world of curiosity and wonder.


Card collections

When I cannot share the painting in its solo existence with more than one buyer or a limited number of viewers,  my cards can reach many. Hence the collections I have made from the originals. The cards are from both paintings and photographs and encapsulate my visual relationship with the world both here at home and abroad.



The idea of making Prints from my original work opened another world of possibility regarding surfaces, sizes of images and the pure delight of translating   what was a one of a kind creation into a series of works on paper and canvas.


Pet Portraits

Would you like to have your pet immortalised in Watercolour, Oils or Acrylics? I have painted my own beloved animals who have now gone to another place. Having their images in paint assures me of their connection to me and their nearness in essense